Football Bed

Price from €580

This fooball bed  would be perfect for every fan’s room. Our football bed is made of good wood. For the production of the football goal bed, we use only solid wood, not glued wood – so it may contain knots and mini cavities. We love the naturalness of wood, its smell, and the atmosphere it creates in the interior – we value the uniqueness of each gate. The goal bed will delight every football fan and create a magical and sporty atmosphere in the room. The football bed has been designed by us and is made with the utmost care in our carpentry shop. The perfect bed for a boy whose passion is football!
This is not mass production – each football bed is made to order. The wood is sanded and painted by hand. The entire frame of the bed is painted with a colorless varnish, while the main frame of the goal is made of white and black stripes. The beautiful net is made of a thick jute rope – hand-woven and solidly mounted to the frame. You can choose between two drawers for bedding on “silent” wheels or the option of additional sleeping. Everything from natural materials – gives an unprecedented effect!
The house bed, a football goal, will also meet the expectations of everyone who wants to have a nice wooden furniture in the Scandinavian style at home. This original bed design was created out of a great love for our son (who is a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo). When the son received the bed as a gift, he was speechless. Then all his colleagues were impressed, and now many of our clients in Poland, Spain, France, Belgium and Italy.
be careful : everyone who receives this bed – squeaks with sensation, sometimes cries with happiness. So we ask for thoughtful shopping.
We sell the house bed with a wooden frame under the mattress (these are not ordinary boards, only springy elastic slats), without a mattress. The bed design is reserved in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. Copying is prohibited.
  • dimensions for the mattress: the house bed in the shape of a football goal is made in two sizes for a 90 × 200 cm or 80 × 160 cm mattress. We can make any other dimensions – please mark this information in the order description in the basket (one step further) 
  • overall dimensions of the bed: the overall structure of the soccer goal bed is slightly larger than the mattress itself, 12 cm should be added to the width of the mattress and 22 cm to the length. So, if you order a 90 x 200 cm mattress bed, the total size of the frame is 102 x 222 cm
  • material: solid wood, sanded and varnished by hand. We do not use plywood, but solid wood. We do not get rid of knots, we do not select wood in terms of knots – we love the natural appearance of wood. We do not use showers, but a brush. Each bed is handmade from start to finish.
  • colors: the football bed is painted with clear varnish and the goal frame in black and white (but these are not covering paints, you can see the beautiful structure of the wood)
  • the net: The net of the football goal bed is made of a thick jute cord, hand-braided, with an original weave – it looks wonderful and looks beautiful in Scandinavian interiors. The net is securely mounted to the frame of the goal bed. Important: the net is only decorative, it is mounted very solidly, but it is not used for climbing or suspending. The bed and the netting are not a toy and must not be treated as such. When using the bed, follow the safety instructions that come with the assembly instructions. The bed design is reserved in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. 
  • the bed includes:
    • wooden structure of the bed and a football goal
    • the net is mounted on the back wall of the bed and on the top
    • wooden mattress frame with elastic slats
    • the bed is sold without a mattress
  • 2 drawers for bedding –   the bed can be ordered without drawers or with two beautiful Scandinavian-style drawers with handles made of thick jute cord, the drawers slide out on wheels
  • sleep functionthe bed can be ordered with a drawer that includes an additional mattress frame – it is an ideal solution for a parent who wants to lie down next to the child, the option is great for sleeping friends or colleagues ;-D the additional frame is smaller than the upper mattress o 10 cm (in length and width), i.e. if you order a bed with an additional sleeping area of ​​90 × 200, the lower mattress will have a frame of 80 × 190. NOTE: The thickness of the bottom mattress must not exceed 12 cm.
  • a bed for self-assembly, ncludes drilled holes and a set of screws needed to assemble the furniture yourself. We attach instructions and information about the safe use of the bed to the bed.  
the lead time for a football bed is about 35 business days


  • we ship by courier