House bed for a football player – football bed

We are the first company in Europe who design and manufacture a Scandinavian-style football bed. This original project was created with a 9-year-old young footballer in mind. Footbal Bed impresses with its appearance. A beautiful, solid bed in the shape of a football goal is adapted to a 90 × 200 cm mattress. The bed is made of high-quality wood, hand-sanded and carefully painted. Our wooden bed has a wonderful, hand-woven jute rope mesh and two drawers for bedding.

Bear bed is something which parents and children will fall in love!

A wooden children’s bed that fits perfectly into a forest-style room or a boho kids interior. The Teddy Bear bed is made of solid wood. This beautiful crib is hand brushed and hand stained – no machines there! Everything from A to Z is handcrafted, and the most difficult are – you won’t believe…. ears! Beautiful, high brushed headboard with the face of a sleeping bear – a treat for lovers of Montessori furniture and toys.
The Teddy Bear Bed is perfect for VINTAGE style room. It fits perfectly in a girl’s and a boy’s room. Our wooden scandinavian bed looks beautiful on both white and colored walls, it looks wonderful in combination with wallpaper or rattan accessories.
This wooden children’s bed is also a great element in your child’s sensory integration therapy – the Teddy Bear bed is completely brushed and has textures on the headboard. You just want to stroke it and touch it.
Wooden baby cot – it will add a magical, fairy-tale atmosphere in a child’s room and help to stimulate it sensoryally.

A few words about us

We are a family manufacture. We have a design studio and a carpentry shop. We manufacture custom-made wooden furniture: terraces, kitchen cabinets, built-in wardrobes. For some time we have been specializing in Scandinavian beds – we are the parents of three wonderful boys and we create each crib as if it were made for our children – with attention to every smallest detail, made of good wood and materials safe for health. We do not run mass production, each bed is handmade (sanded, painted) – each bed has its own unique charm. Our hit is the football bed, which won the hearts of customers in France, Germany, Belgium and Spain.

Where did the idea for a football bed come from?

Our eldest son is a football lover, trainings several times a week, non-stop repetitions of matches on TV, he would prefer to wear sports shirts all the time … – do you know that?
We have been looking for a nice bed for a long time – unfortunately, the market is dominated by sweet beds, houses for small children or those perfect for girls. What about older children? What about the guys?
We decided to design and make a bed for him in the shape of a football goal. It was supposed to be a nice bed, which would add a football vibe to his room – we didn’t want it to be tacky. It was supposed to match the Scandinavian style of our apartment, be simply nice – and it was 100% successful.


If you have questions about the crib, production time, delivery or other – write to us